Meta thoughts

I have these meta thoughts some times

Thoughts about thoughts

Thoughts about how I think ?

How I think is  becoming aware of the thought process .

When I say meta thoughts I mean not thoughts about thoughts but actually thoughts about thinking.

I think I am getting confused.

These thoughts ,that is those which I am presently having – are they meta thoughts or meta thinking ?

Is  becoming aware of one’s own thinking ,in real time, meta thoughts or meta thinking?

Becoming aware is a conscious thing,a process triggered by a deliberate action in the mind.

Becoming aware is a one-time activity and staying aware through a time period ,involves continuity of awareness

When I say meta thoughts I am not only continuously aware of the thoughts but I am actively guiding the process ,leading them to newer thoughts.

Now at this stage of thoughts ,let me meta-think where I have arrived.

I think I have arrived somewhere.I started out  thinking about thoughts but have actually started  thinking about thinking.In effect these thoughts are not meta thoughts but meta thinking.

Why is this note green? This thought about this note being green arose  out of a deliberate thought .

By deliberate thought I mean a thought consciously thought up

I started wondering whether I had in fact thought it up or the thought had arrived from the blue.

 Rather from the green!

But why green when it was not consciously thought and acted upon to be green?

Green just happened because the color of the note happened by default.

Becoming aware of the color of the note being green was meta thinking.

This meta thinking arose because the earlier note was red which had itself happened out of a random choice.

The color of the earlier note being red and my being aware of  its being so started the meta thinking about the color of the notes and that is how I arrived this meta  thought about the color of this note being green


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