Achieving awareness

I am using these notes to become aware of my thoughts.

Do I have thoughts all the time?

Thoughts ,once you dig into them, well up like ground water

Which means I have to do the digging thing.

Not very sure : if thoughts are already there ,or  they appear when we start the process of becoming aware of them.

For example, these thoughts about thoughts being already there or appearing when we think of them -were these already there in a latent form ?

If thoughts are mere electrical impulses happening at the time they are happening

Then there is a pattern to it or there is supposed to be a pattern 

Does that mean there is something predictable about what thoughts follow the current thought

Which means whatever thought is currently in the mind , will necessarily have to lead to the same  succession of thoughts all the time

But this does not seem to be happening because when I look back I find the thoughts were different the last time around

It follows the train of thoughts is different each time I start the thinking process

Which means there is no particular pattern to the way a thought leads to the next thought

Again the  word “lead ” presupposes that there is something in the current thought which predisposes what follows it.

For example , in this train it is words which seem to carry forward thought.

The word “lead” -started the process of thinking how one thought is followed by another ,flowing out of the first thought.

Some times it is a  word  or combination of  words which takes the sequence of thoughts in a different  different direction

Does that mean the word drops from the blue / or that  the word happens as part of the natural thought formation?

We are now somewhere.There is something called a natural word formation : much like water  welling up in a dug well.

One never is sure if the word “lead” in the earlier thought came to me because the underlying thought about one thought naturally brings forth another in an unfailing manner and that is exactly the way it will work out when this thought occurs anytime

Skepticism: This has happened just now to me .I suddenly started to think I had come to too many and too much unwarranted conclusions and too quickly


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