The questions did not come to me as ground water welling as you dig deeper

I have not decided on the color of this note but have let the color happen by default.

Do I like the result of this default option -gray color?

Actually I have forced this question on myself.

Means that the question did not come to me by itself -like the ground water welling as you dig deeper.

Actually the pursuit of this question seems trivial and I am starting to feel uncomfortable with carrying  on with this any further.

Why do I feel this is trivial -this is one question .

Why can’t I pursue trivial questions is another.

A third question seems to be coming at me but I am not able to  figure it out.

Probably the question is why can’t I just drop the question and pursue the original agenda,i.e. miracles

Without answering the first two questions I do the third one 

That is without going through the merits of pursuing the inquiry about the color of the note

There is also the option of just changing the color and getting on with the original inquiry

I think I shall do nothing of the sort  but merely drop the note itself here and pursue the inquiry about the miracles in another note of a different color.

But why should I do this merely because I am feeling uncomfortable with a lingering suspicion of pursuing a trivial question

Especially because I have still not answered the question of why this inquiry is trivial or why if this is indeed trivial ,I cannot pursue trivial questions.

Because it suits me to drop the discussion here.Because I don’t want to pursue it further.Because that is my will.


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