Why do I have to say pithy things all the time?

This time I have decided to exercise choice about the color of the note. If it was by default I could blame the program for a possible wrong choice Now I am accountable for this decision. Actually I am accountable not merely because of the color I have chosen I am also accountable for not taking a review later and exercise the option of bettering the color. I have still not got around to the “park thoughts” which I had set out to write about The choice is now to get sidetracked and pursue the color business Or abandon this color thing forth with and get on to the park thoughts But then is it not too late now after I have got myself too deeply into this color thing? The one thing that comes to the mind is the temptation to universalize on this business of how we tend to get distracted easily whenever we are on some serious business Then there is some self-chastisement Why do I lapse into trying to say some pithy things all the time ? I have to laugh at myself for this If I know I look funny trying to say something pithy why do I keep doing it all time? Because there is double think. On the one side I feel it makes me look pompously funny trying to say something pithy On the other side I feel trying to say something pithy is not always funny but is some times serious business There is another sub-thought which says that others may be speaking cliches, but may be, I am saying something profound There is another double think:profound , my foot.What difference does it make whether you say it or not Another counter-argument:if you say it does not matter whether I say it or not ,why will it matter if I say it ? Leave it ,man,let me get on with what I want to say,pithy or otherwise. I am now free to say my park thoughts My interest is flagging The note has already become too long Why cant’ I make a very long note? This pithy thing comes back again and prompts me to say something Because other people’s interest is also flagging ! ha,ha ! Who are these other people and why is their interest flagging ? I am willing to take the bait and go on for ever If there are other people involved in this it is their problem Their interest should not be flagging. May be, they are suffering from ADHD or something BTW my interest is flagging too.


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