All of us get stuck some time

I have just read Joe Lerner’s experiences of getting stuck
(Depression ,ADHD, Executive Function)

He is still stuck but
Comes a little unstuck
By practicing mindfulness
Stepping aside a bit and
Watching oneself as an outsider
I want to teach my son this
All of us get stuck some time.

Can I pull out of myself and
Stand a distance apart
And observe the process within me
In order to keep myself afloat
In the gloom of my own low self-esteem?
That sounds such facile thinking
Metaphorically possible ,yes.

I was trying to tell my son to think in images ,
whenever he has difficulty in processing information

I imagine myself as a round object
in the center of my room

The object stays there motionless
not thinking about itself, not thinking .

From out of this round object
I pull myself out
Not wrenching myself out
But gently pull myself out

Float on top of the object some distance ,say near the ceiling fan
And wow,that gives a nice view and I look at myself closely
Hey ,what am I brooding over and why am I sitting there morosely ?
I become aware of the essential stupidity of the whole thing
I become mindful.

Is this a parody,an act of mock-heroism?

All of us get stuck some time.


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