The black of the canvas is to some extent by thought, to some extent by default

The earlier canvas has far too many sticky notes

I have a new canvas and the black of the canvas is  to some extent by thought and  to some extent  by default

By default ,because there is only one color besides the brown one

By thought because I got out of the inertia of sticking on to the default color of  brown

Inertia is sometimes not laziness petrified but has an element of willingness to take marginal action

But without deep rooted changes or structural alterations which need an application of mind

We sometimes manage to bring about changes provided they are merely frontal  changes or superficial  changes

But fundamental reform does not  happen not merely because of deep rooted inertia

The other factor is willingness to take risk

Our aversion to risks is on account of fear, fear of environmental uncertainty

The biggest fear is one’s own inadequacy

And the fear of  not taking all the parameters into account(i.e. omission of vital data necessary for the decision making)

And miscalculation of the seriousness of the decision proving disastrous

The color of the canvas is an example .It hardly matters if I take a wrong decision about the note.

If I exaggerate to myself the seriousness of a wrong color choice I am afraid to take the risk


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