My note became part of the night

My white ruled note became an event in the night 

The night itself was an event 

An event because it is a certain time-space, a  physical space tied to a space of time

My note stood out in color and sound against the night because it was an event,a certain musical space tied to time

The night was an event because it happened then and is not in the present space.

At the dead of the night  my  note became part of the night 

 In the morning I am  chasing glowing images

Seeking the sun in words and their glow.

In between there was deja vu of certain river water which still smelled of the mountains

When I am not chasing iridescent images of tiny girls ,in two’s and three’s, bursting on the conscious with halos intact

I am chasing  the park images

– Of a certain balcony woman 

-Of some  skin thoughts 

-Of a certain man in olive green safari suit and  copper red hair

-Of stream-lets of hose water which stalked the shadows on the grass

-Of a certain overflowing woman who walked in music.


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