Your silence has sunk into the night

For one thing this is a ruled note and a white one.

Against the darkness of the night and its silence

This note stands out in color and sound.


The keyboard sounds which I have become conscious of because along with the whir of the fan that is the only sounds floating on the dark night

A while ago there was the whistle of the gurkha guard who paced up and down  on the road with this rhythmic stick beating the night.

The note does have a color but does it make a sound –uncomfortable skepticism

Poetic license? No the note is produced out of the keystrokes which are sounds,aren’t they ?

Far fetched ,no doubt .But I cannot backtrack on what I have already said

For some reason my mind at this stage of the night recognizes the existence of this note not merely in visual terms but in auditory terms as well.

How is my take on that?

You say I am frightfully mixed up?

It is my job to record such mix-ups here on this note.

What do you say to that?

Your silence has sunk into the night.


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