Temple thoughts

Evening thoughts were temple thoughts, God thoughts,marriage thoughts

Strange girl stakes claim to my territory,my son.

She sits on God’s steps ,one below, facing our words, head-on, with eyes calm and lined with black

Her round face some times is asymmetrical, other times in perfect geometry

Solving the problem of inertia in marriage when you come face to face with lifting huge things,others carrying mere pillows

Especially when you think nothing of carrying bigger things for others and you make a big thing out of indifference to what others think.

Our words fell like the pipal leaves in the breeze

We sat under the pipal tree thinking of what life would be like for these children if inertia were to be factored in the compatibility calculations

No issue ,says the girl with calm eyes.

We are here before our monkey god and we cup our palms for the holy water which we drink making a minor noise and the priest will duly put the crown of God’s feet on our heads.

We collect our red spot of color on our foreheads where it is all written,our destinies.


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