Me and the body

At two these are midnight thoughts, gray thoughts

The gray is a mere happenstance

Me and the body-a chance event

I mean the words me and the body

The words struck me just a while ago

You know I am trying to distance myself from the body

I am trying to distance myself from an ugly thing which suffers from cold,fever,body ache etc.

Why do I say “me and the body” as though they are buddies ?

I would like to forget the body but what can I do if it tags along with me?

I therefore carry my body everywhere

That gives me a creepy feeling

Carrying my body everywhere ?

So we are now two entities-“me” and “the body”


LIKE Laurel and Hardy

This canvas is empty and I therefore people it with my thoughts

People it with my thoughts is a happenstance

Just like me and the body

The kids in the park stage sleep and wakefulness in sequence

Other kids seek each other out behind bush and shadow

Some kids throw a no-parking white sign into the white of the sky

All the while we(me and the body) are coaxing poetry to happen in our parks,on our roads,at the bus stop

Between the old men on the park bench speaking to each others silence

About a man who stood in a hole of the sky building a roof for somebody’s head

This way we try to people this gray canvas with thoughts

Just like my mind is crowded with thoughts

Actually I am filling the canvas with mere images

Images of people and things happening to them

Not all things but only those which further my poetry

Together we people this canvas with thoughts,with poetry.


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