Our narratives are substitutes for life

Kurt Vonnegut says there is this need for drama in human lives

Actually nothing significant  happens  in our lives either in terms of adding to the total amount of  happiness or reducing it 

As happens in a fairy tale or in a movie story 

A story has to have progression while in life we only read a progression ,post facto, in the pattern of events

Since we have a need for a story  that takes us forward in life’s events we create a plot-line ourselves

 We impose a story-like structure on our interpretation of events

There is a beginning,a middle and a neat end all of which are events inter-linked to each other and flowing from each other

Stories are made instantly on the telephone wire.

Stories which are made in the moment.

The drama happens when trivial details of events are recalled and discussed ,a subtle plot-line developing on the side

For us to create drama and make life interesting we need to remember physical events ,the contours of how the protagonist moved and talked and went through the most banal of the daily human happenings

It is from these that a pattern emerges ,as the narrative progresses and in the middle of the narrative a story begins to form.

In life ,nothing really happens and since  that is so we have to make things happen.

Our narratives substitute for our lives.


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