We dream because we do not want to miss life

We  think mostly in order not to miss life and knowledge .

Because knowledge slips and life slips in moments when we are not mindful and when we do life’s business .

 When I am living in the night I forget night and for me to remember night I have to stand on the rim of  the night and watch it.

It was in the night there was that time, deja vue,  the big clutter of dreams and also happened.

The night was when there was thought-and-dream of blood flowing from the head,a  bleeding gash by somebody’s stone which fell  on my head from the roof. That was when I experienced pain,stunning of the mind,trauma of a child .

Not once but twice -once when the gash happened and the second time ,when I dreamed about it. Because dreams  are real and actually happen.

Dreams are not mere images,insubstantial things which do not cause pain . Every time dreams happen the real thing happens .

We think and dream so that we do not miss life and knowledge.


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