The chickens enjoy being eaten

In today’s morning walk there was this woman who smiled all to herself.

(All to herself? Then why did she eye-contact me after the smile?)

Cut the thought .Come to the chickens,now.

(from the chick to the chickens,ha ha,says the sardonic self)

The chickens are waiting for release from the coops of the parked van.

(Not to freedom .)

But to be loaded into the shop’s coops where their legs will be tied .

(Another wait.Now for their release from all the earthly bonds)

The chicken- thought jumps,(in their tied legs situation),to the chicken picture in front of a hotel where a smiling chicken proclaims in an egg-shaped blurb :I am your lunch today.

(Apparently chickens enjoy being eaten.)

Note : All guilty thoughts occur in parenthesis.


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