Off the stage, on the stage

A  woman swept the  morning sunlight off the baptist church.

There , near the rising boulder of the blue sky,  three dogs buddy-sniffed  one another around a man’s pant-leg.

A man caught the lungi-hem as though  he was afraid it would be blown away by the wind  leaving him naked in the vast wild wastes .

All the while  thoughts sloshed in the mind   like  water in the coconut shell (hear,if you like, the slosh-sound  near your ear as you shake the head)

Like the bone-clatter sound that comes when you walk  with your knee-cap worn out by age.

There , from  the high stage ,the Blue Roses calls out ,her glass recently broken.

There was nothing blue about her nor roses. It is just pleurosis she had suffered from. She is expecting her gentleman caller.

The warehouse clerk wants adventure . He calls his mother a witch who is rising on her broomstick. She does not like his going to the movies.

He is actually not going to the movies but is merely pretending.

His sister is not going to the business school but is pretending.

(The Glass menagerie by Tennesse Williams)

The slosh in the head is now a mere hum in the ears.


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