The Big Trip up yonder

Our grandpa there is awaiting the Big trip up yonder

In the meanwhile we are sleeping near the bathroom

Consuming the elixir from the 21st bottle in the shelf.

Our family is lying here in a pile of bodies in this hall

Our body parts hardly distinguishable from one another,

Our individual bodies fighting other’s separate bodies.

We are dreaming  of the daybed in our separate bodies.

Our dreams in the day are mostly about sleep in the night.

We live and dream constantly  near the smelly bathroom.

We are not afraid our grandpa will cut us off in his will

He is awaiting his Big Trip  while we dilute his elixir.

Up there it is cold and freezing but we do not grow old.

We want him to call it a day leaving the daybed for us

Or call it a night leaving the night-bed for us ,if you like.

We fight each other’s bodies in this “humon”gous pile

But the cops  soon come and get us in our individual cells .

Our cells have even a separate washbasin for our hands

We are now dreaming of solitary cells that have windows

We put on our best behavior and cooperate with the cops

Who threaten to release us from our cells all the time

We request the cops please,please do not let us out 

We have to watch the fifty feet T.V  over family bodies

O no! Not again,we cry out from our respective cells.

( A short story titled “The BIg Trip Up Yonder” by Kurt Vongut :Please read the short story here : )


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