We had no stories to tell her

In the afternoon we visited her in her old home. 
She stood there near the water cooler expecting us .
Just what she was expecting.  Someone would come. 
The others expected someone of her kin to come.

There she was,  shaking like a tree in the wind. 
There was this electricity passing in her

As if she was just an old tangle of wires.

As though a lightning struck her from the sky
And reached down all the way to the earth.

Doctor? It is all a mental thing. 
How does one get out of these mental things?
Nobody believes her.Nobody does.
I want you to say something. Don’t keep quiet.
Say anything. A story, may be.
Say it for God’s sake. Tell me a story.

Your silence is my utter darkness. 

I cannot breathe in such darkness.

 Her eyes dilated in horror as her words flowed

in a cascade of fiery rebukes and pitiful entreaties.

 We did not have any stories to tell her.


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