In the bare foot grass walk there is solitude buzzing in the ears. The dew on the grass seeps through your feet into your being. That is when you look downwards and you see shapes.

A plastic carcass of a dog lying on the grass unburied. A rubber hemisphere of a child’s ball. A tiny red flower, its petals lying strewn around. Peanut-shells around a green bench. Peanuts like kidneys. Shells like empty spaces. Green benches with shapes of absent human bodies.


Human bodies are moving shapes. A body walks like a hillock tapering to a fine point, a dizzy height with a temple on top. Another walks like an ocean wave on a placid afternoon. A man walks like a caterpillar gathering the back portion of its body.


Bird cries are shapes too. The park bird cries a short twig-shaped wailing .The cuckoo sings like grass that comes up each time you trample upon it.


The walking track is geometrical bikini shapes. Its mosaic dances, as you walk, like girls in bikini swinging their hips in affected anger.


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