The middle eye is now large

The cricket had  fallen  silent for two days near the park trees. I now hear it back again, this time like the creaking of a tree wood in the wind. On the passing tree I see a big black ant making its appearance for the first time.In the next rounds of walk I look for it. Actually look for it ,till it became an obsession with my eyes, heavy with uveitis, an inflammation of the middle eye. The ant looked like having the powers to control my pain center.

Back home I keep looking for music to soothe my eye heavy with uveitis. A song about a bird in the sky may soothe  pain. Then everything looked whirring as I got up from the computer. Like a bird swirling in the sky. I need  words to keep me steady in the sky. From floating away. From fear of not seeing.  Towards beauty and music.


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