In the evening we brightened their pictures by dusk light. A plant  refuses to yield roses and live up to our beauty traditions. In the balcony it had to maintain the standards of its forebears.Twenty rupees for a new one seemed  too much. It was picked up  from the mountains that smelled like last year’s monsoon.From the balcony they all went of foot disease and their foot was in the earth that allowed no breathing.  Their earth lived in plastic.

The earth here smelled like water but the water smelled like a snake.The smell slithered like one. In the density of algae the snake’s head  bobbed up ,its tail a drop.The drop flowed in the lake where algae drowned fish. The fish were still there under the algae, not yet in the triangular beaks .The beaks swooped to catch them one by one.But there were so many under the algae. They had an eternity before beaks could swoop. Time was their luxury . The beaks had no such luxury.They had to swoop again and again.
In the meantime the lake woman had some fish in her basket.The fish that had been under the algae in the earlier times. The fish that  had no luxury of life left at the time. It is now dusk and the woman has no luxury of time .The sun has no luxury left to shine brightly in the west.

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