River legends

That time we saw the river rising quickly, past our sleeps and drowning our everything including sleeping cots and then we heard cries of people climbing to roofs for a bit of a sky.

Legend had it of a young old man squatting hunched up in the attic up above the swirling waters as if he was reading from history books narrating a story down the ages.He was history mad,water averse.Actually he loved pillow too much being bald banker off the rockers.

We were not bald but a training banker and too young to be off the rockers. But what lovely rain to drown under ,what a pale sky to be afraid about.The sky was father we feared most.He would spank ears with his rain to instill nature fear in bank minds.

Legend had it of mom now in a sky, my source river that rose in flowing dam to turn a legend as bodies flowed.The legend turned ashes in a river.


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