We all went into a tedious little ceremony of lost innocence, in our rainbows of wisdom.A man issued his words that touched souls , softly spoke in the smells of turmeric and a faint fragrance of innocence and flame.His words flowed from his soft liquid eyes as though he was a child entering knowledge wild-eyed and with tiny bits of the blue sky,the earth having lost its contours in space water and fire emerging in a litany of words.

It was a child who sat in a lap, with fingers in a bed of rice grains that filled stomachs as though it was a food that fueled wisdom.He wrote his first letters as in a secret code to the treasure-trove of burning treasures searing to the eye, hot on the painted brow,a certain secret gold thread on a little chest that qualified him for the arduous journey.He then gurgled first letters, word and song.

(The initiation ceremony of a child’s first learning in which the Goddess of learning bestows her blessings on the child before his long and arduous journey in education)


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