Jhamsingh and breaking

He was a princely cavalry man,with a fine mustache and a keen sense of humor . He went to buy horses and used the money to build a house for God. What a fine sense of humor! God had come to him in dream under a banyan and so he would make a stone temple instead. God would be in his hard granite and wear a pencil thin mustache in a new temple .We are made of soft fine terra.

Surprising, God needed a house and the Sultan needed no horses . It was He who made him, us all, the horses and the Sultans in molecules. Why would He need a house in a figment of a dream under the banyan?

Was all this a horse play? Isn’t everything made of  terra , waiting to be broken ?If not why are the terra cotta horses laughing at the end of their long necks?


(After a visit to the Jamsingh Balaji temple in Gudimalkapur in Hyderabad)


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