The steadfast canine

The sun is  up above a winter breeze , in gray clouds. A silky brown dog is tugging at a master’s leash ,generally curious about wayside grass.

In Melbourne the sun rose five hours ago in WhatsApp .  The sun might have got into the metro, holding gleaming handrails.

Here, in my mornings I have poetry words  stuck from desultory readings in the cyber wastes. Straggler words do make a poem or two and bring up a gleaming image from the bottom of night.

A black , white -spotted dog comes to squat by my side. It expects  a paw of friendship from me. It is sitting at a bone dry distance but its drooling friendship is discernible. It’s tail wags a love I cannot return. I am afraid to  pat a stray dog for its fleas.

Now as I get up and walk towards home, my friend follows my pant leg. It keeps following till I am afraid it will come all the way home. On the way home , a brown dog is encountered and there are mutual growls. The dog followed me till half way down and somewhere it separated .

Thank God, it broke away .I was afraid it would follow me to my lift, where I have to shed it in any case .


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