Fish may fly

In the foolish king’s apocryphal story , you make the horses fly in six months or you die. You agree to make horses fly because maybe in six months horses may fly or you may die or the king may die.

A Hong Kong poem suggests to the gold fish to fly , the ones we saw in the Wanchai fish tanks of twenty years ago . Because there is a connect between the goldfish of then and my present day existence. In twenty years gold fish may fly or the poet may die or the horses in Hong Kong race course we saw from our Happy Valley flat may fly in reverse slow motion.

The fish tanks are yet full with the fish we saw writhing and the water snakes have their blood poured in glass for a potential customer . Every thing can fly back and forth. I can fly as the horses can fly and win a race for us. The sun on his seven horses can fly back to twenty years back of my past and a slow motion of the world can happen between I now and I then as if the space between now and then has shrunk and the two separate planes of existence coalesce and overlap each other.

May be horses run reverse in window
Of our Happy Valley Rose Court flat
Or we win Mark 6 in Queen’s street.

May be we sit as hoi polloi on tram
Let city lights arrogantly whizz past,
On two holed honkies by the driver.

May be fish still writh in water tanks
And water snakes ,fated to be eaten
In Wanchai street, from our life past.

(recalling our Hong Kong days ,while reading a poem titled “May be” by Tammy Ho Lai-Ming)


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