Before it was a catch soaked in a lawn’s water. My shoes dig prints in it. Another  green bench. An old man sits in a neighbor bench. There is larger than life rabbit to hold the park’s waste. The rabbit always stays amused, with the rubbish spilling. The rabbit has an  amused expression.

After a two minutes’  walking round, I  now recall today’s poem was about adages. About early birds and late worms. How the  deeper ironies elude us. The irony that has not worked or something you only imagined but never existed.

An irony that leaves you open-mouthed about whether you should love your mother or you should not. A catch not before 22. What 22? It is like a stitch in time is better than nine. It took all our school years to realize nine refers to the number of stitches made after time. How could alpha a be pitted a numeric nine?

(Grammar man may approve : one stitch in time will save nine . A is not definitive one  but is a generic pointer)

22 is  Regulation 22 which makes a chaos of all  prior regulations .A bum is  in a state of pain. Regulation is part of  society’s generic  paininthebutness.

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