The cherub

The portly gentleman looked at himself in his bathroom mirror and smirked. In a shrill voice of his childhood he made some really funny noises which yuckily merged in cistern sounds.

He will go out and pick some berries-bleeding berries from the red mountain but mother says Banty it is sleep-time .Will you now lie on your back and sleep? How can one lie on one’s back and sleep ?

It is fun to wear spectacles upside down .The world looks so much different. Not for me the complicated transactions .The grown-ups are terrible bores.

I will now dig deep in uncle’s backyard .I will find several nuggets of gold there;These teachers are sometimes stupid .They ask funny questions in their class.

The big gentleman looked at his paunch .This time the child is not coming back .Everything is once again complicated .The cherub in spectacles vanished in the mists of time , not to come back.


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