Sparrows at midnight

At 1.30 AM there was not even the hum of the sea. The sea had quietened after a windy excitement of the day before. At three I could hear the watcman’s stick tap.

Since sleep was hard to come I recalled the sparrows of yesterday when they were seen on the almond tree. The sparrows here are more strident and always move in gangster groups.

They sit on the compound wall in groups and at times fly in a single formation to the only tree here that is the almond tree now heavy with green almonds.

By May the almonds will be maroon ripe and the leaves start falling all over the road. I don’t know where the sparrows will live in the tree entirely stripped of its leaves.

I write a sparrow poem and try to get back to sleep. To little avail.So I write this journal hoping at the end of it I will slip softly into sleep.

Here is the sparrow poem:


Sparrows not seen in beach,
Some times I find one or two

Pigeons on beach but crows
Monopolize the entire beach.

Crows lick whole beach clean ,
Eating up any piece of death

Washed ashore in the night.
Crows have no sparrows day.

They polish up sparrow dead
Even on World Sparrows day.

I have counted 25 sparrows
On an almond tree together

Along with spring’s almonds,
Excluding the one on beach.

I await sparrows in a mirror
Pecking at angry duplicates.


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