Stalkers of the mind

From the green bench I hear a strident cuckoo calling  down rain. It is cloudy but there is  no rain in season. Soon it will be hot and summer in the trees.

A  thirty year old dream that has gone sour. Dreams go sour in the late hours. At such late hours stalkers are mere figments. They are your stories and secrets. Shadows of things that  persist to stride before you and after.

Stalker please do not stalk shadows
They are long and stride before you

Under red rock, into the afternoons
When you doze in lonely bed rooms

On yesteryears’ stale love thoughts.
Stalker, shadows are not from love

But just figments of a  spinster mind
Trapped in a  body’s parched throat

With a mind spinning fevered tales.
Most of all, they are not all that real.